Make your hardware sought-after by software partners by offering them the best protection out there against technological piracy. Easily implemented on any platform, Rascal’s robust security solution will make your hardware attractive to software developers and vendors
  Rascal's security solution can decipher any native execution code or programming language running on any platform, providing strong and reliable protection

Provide potential software partners an added layer of security that is compatible with any built-in security feature the software may already carry, making your hardware a safe haven against technological piracy. Increase the value of your hardware in an ever competitive market

  Making your platform ideal for performance demanding software, Rascal's solution uses complex algorithms and extensive flow graph testing to maximize software performance, while allowing your platform to run numerous protected programs simultaneously
  Easily implemented and applied to any program, Rascal's solution broadens your software protection offering while drastically reducing security related costs, making your hardware more valuable to potential software partners
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