SPGuard anti-piracy solution for Android applications - Beta Version Released.

Rascal Software Security has just released a Beta version of its anti-piracy solution for Android applications.

The SPGuard core technology works by preventing full functionality of unauthorized copies of protected Android applications. SPGuard was developed by our team of researchers led by Dr. Shlomit Pinter, our VP R&D.

The SPGuard Advantage:

  1. Tamper-resistant: cannot be reverse engineered orcracked (intractable)
  2. Does not hamper application performance.
  3. Does not interfere with programming (only theapplication code is protected, not the   source code).
  4. Easy to deploy: protection of compiled code isdone automatically, enabling quick and easy protection of software.

Application developers who'd like to see their application protected from theft are welcome to join in Beta trials. 

Since SPGuard protects the code at the application level, we don't need access to the source code; simply send us the packaged application or point us to where we can download it.

We will protect the application and send it back to you. All you need to do is review it and send us your comments. That's it!

For more information, please contact Mr. Noam Pa'il at

Additional backgrounders can be found on this website and on our Company LinkedIn page.