ati Amoils
was born in 1968 on the outskirts of Jerusalem.  She first
encountered copper while attending a class in jewelry design. While she disliked
creating jewelry, the unique quality and texture of copper enchanted her and
she has been working with it ever since.

Nati’s formal art education began in a teachers program at the Israeli museum, there she studied for three years but did not complete her studies. Her next attempt was in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design where she was accepted in an unusual manor, she lasted 3 months and than dropped out.

But Nati never stopped working; she invented her own methods for work, texturing and piercing the copper creating intricate patterns telling her story, than sewing the pieces together.
Her works deals with the human body and the tensions it creates.
The copper is an empty shell, a material representing both softness and hardness, an armor decorating the body, shielding it from the outside. Nati’s work try’s to expose what lies beneath the armor, she decorates the armor with the stories it tries to conceal.

In 1997 Nati received the young artist recognition award from the ministry of culture and education. She has exhibited in Sothebys/ArtLink- New York, Berlin, Germany,
SOFA - Chicago, and numerous exhibits in Israel.
Currently she has 2 children lives and works in Pardes Hana.